India Visa

You can apply for an E-Visa with a 30 day stay-limit

If you are visiting India for a longer duration then a 6 month tourist visa could be worth considering but they are more expensive.

In the UK the link is below.


Get in touch with your GP well in advance of your departure for latest information on vaccinations and any other medical considerations.

For additional information please visit:


Get insured. It is a condition of our trips that you are adequately insured. Policies must cover mountain biking and the potential risks of a mountain bike holiday. If your usual insurance doesn’t cover mountain biking then consider specialist coverage such as

We need a copy of your insurance ready for us on arrival or send us on a copy via e-mail prior to the trip.


All our accommodation has been hand-picked to be just about the best there is. Boutique hideaways, plantation stays, converted palaces and luxury hotels all feature in our tour. All rooms are based on twin or double occupancy. Single rooms are available on request.


The south Indian climate is at its best end November trough till early March with daily sunshine almost guaranteed. Temperatures will be up to 30c during the day while nights maintain a balmy air. Temperatures drop considerably in the mountains where evenings and nights can be cool. September-November can experience some rainfall while mid-March onwards it can get hot, so rideable but better with early starts.


South Indian food is a highlight of any trip and simply does not get any better than the hidden eateries that we have discovered over our last 20 years of India riding experience. If you fancy a break from Indian food then there is a wide choice of western food to keep your taste buds happy.


The roads are in good condition by Indian standards with the majority of the roads being recently metalled and smooth. We would recommend you bring a hard tail mountain bike or touring bike with fast rolling tyres or you can rent one of our fleet of Scott Hardtail bikes.

Renting Bikes

Please bring your own pedals and consider bringing your own seat if you have a saddle that you are comfortable with. Scott/Kona hardtails are available in S/M/L/XL and are priced at £15 per day for the tour duration. Please contact us for availability.

Bringing your own bike/bike kit.

As ever make sure your bikes are in tip-top condition before bringing them out. If you are unsure a part will survive the trip then replace or get it serviced by a bike shop. Performance bike parts are hard to obtain in India but we do have small stocks of spare parts.

Let us know before you come about what bike you are bringing out and if there is anything specific to your bike that we might not have spares for.

Bring Along

  • Spare Mech Hanger
  • Spare sets of brake pads
  • 2 Tubes
  • Spare spokes specific to your wheels
  • If you have any doubt on what you need to bring out with you as spares then just let us know.

Cycle Wear

Best to ride in touring attire so ride shorts are best. Exposed lycra cycling britches without over- shorts can bring attention.We would also recommend bringing both long sleeve and short sleeve tops, temps can vary day by day but rarely cold or cool.

We would also recommend shoes that you can also walk on so non-exposed cleats and non- aggressive tread patterns works best; so comfortable for photo stops, the odd walk out to view points and tackling the odd tricky sections if you don’t fancy riding them.

Non Ride Kit To Bring Along

  • Head torch in case of power cuts
  • A set of warm clothes for nights spent in mountains
  • Light waterproof
  • Mix of long sleeve and short sleeve riding tops in case of sunburn
  • Universal electric plug
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • High factor sun-cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip salve
  • Sandals/flip flops
  • Swim Wear


ATM’s are available in all our destinations. Visa is the most widely accepted. Food items, snacks, gift items are all well priced so expect to pay £5 for an evening meal or just over £2 for an alcoholic drink.

Airport exchange rates are usually very poor so if you are exchanging money here then just change small amounts.

Local Time

India’s Timezone: (GMT +05:30)


India’s Electricity: 230/240 volts AC, 50 Hz. 2 pin type.

There are recharging facilities at all the hotels, the electricity supply is not 100% reliable but it is usually only off for short periods of time.

Local expenses, kitty and tips

Our Mountain Bike Kerala tour managers do not expect tips but our riding would greatly appreciate them if the service is excellent. For a rough guide then consider from £5 per day and £2 per day for hotels staff etc if the service, food has been great.


We have a great range of MTB clothing available including long sleeve and short sleeve tops, t-shirts, buffs, shorts and socks available for sale.

All our great looking ride gear is designed and made by our in-house Greenfrogindia team and is available both on tour and from our online shop so you can buy anytime before or after the trip. Look out for these and our great range of cycle-recycle products including sleek looking wallets, purses and ride-pouches made from reclaimed inner-tubes.